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Memory Lane

I was looking back at my entries over the past couple of months this evening.  An hour later, I was almost four years back and I started to notice some trends.  I post a lot about: my house, the weather, yard work, work work, and the holidays.  Sorry if things seem to get a little repetitive around here.

04/15/2014 21:00

Phone Limbo

My cellphone is on the fritz right now.  I think the battery is reaching the end of its life, because it can barely hold a charge.  I can make it through the day on standby, but my battery drains in little under an hour of normal use.  I’ve tried looking for replacement batteries online, but all I can find is shady, Chinese knockoffs.  I’d rather not risk setting my house or myself on fire with an exploding battery.  This phone is about 3.5 years old, so I am probably due for a new one anyway.  I’d like to upgrade, but I am hesitant.  Verizon may force me to get new plan because they no longer offer unlimited data, which I currently have.  If things at the hospital work out, I may be getting a phone or a phone allowance from them.  Depending on the arrangement, that would definitely affect my choice of new phone.  If they give me a phone, I wouldn’t need anything fancy for my personal line.  If I get an allowance, then I would probably choose something nicer since I will be using it a lot for work too.  Perhaps I will just stay put for now and see how things shake out.

04/14/2014 08:00

Weekend Recap

Friday night was uneventful.  I bounced around between some of the hockey games and headed to bed early since I was up so early.

I headed over to the barber shop for a haircut first thing Saturday morning.   stopped by my parent’s house afterwards to pick up a package I had delivered there this week.  My niece spent the night over there, so I had some fun with her until she fell asleep right after lunch.  I headed back home and tried to do a little work in the yard.  Things were still a little wet from all the rain we got last week, so I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked.  I caught a little bit of The Masters before going to church for Palm Sunday services.

Saturday night I caught the end of The Masters coverage and decided to clean up around the house.  I got a text from my aunt and uncle that they were in the neighborhood, so I met them over at Great Lakes Brewing Co. for a beer.  We ended up having dinner on the patio.  It was nice to catch up them, and the weather was absolutely perfect.  We stopped over at Town Hall for coffee afterwards.  I am not a big coffee drinker, so I tried their house ginger ale.  It was really good.  I am going to have to look up a recipe and try to make some myself.

My church was hosting a pancake breakfast this morning complete with a visit from the Easter Bunny.  I volunteered to help cook the meal, so I was up and over to church by 07:30.  We had nice crowds after both masses this morning.  I made it back home by early afternoon and did a little more cleanup outside.  I made lunch and watched the final round of The Masters this afternoon.  I’ve spent the evening doing laundry and paying bills.

I’ve got a short week coming up as I am taking off Friday.  Hopefully the upcoming cold weather moves out quickly and the warm weather comes back soon.  Next weekend is going to be another busy one.  It is my nephew’s birthday on Saturday, I am reading at church on Saturday night, and I am celebrating Easter with the family on Sunday.

04/13/2014 20:58

Enjoy it while it lasts

This week summarizes a typical Cleveland spring. We had 70 degree temps and beautiful weather this weekend. By Tuesday, it will be 32 and snow is in the forecast. It will back in the 60’s by the weekend, so the cold won’t be around too long. I have been taking it all in, and even removed the plastic on some of the windows so that I could air the place out after a long, brutal winter. I was even able to leave the windows open last night. There is nothing like sleeping with the windows open. Enjoying the fresh air and waking up with the rest of the neighborhood is one of the best things about the nicer weather.

04/13/2014 20:39

10 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Ask For The Window Seat

This is why I usually pick the window over the aisle.

04/10/2014 22:25

Change is Brewing

Things may get interesting career-wise in the next few weeks.

04/07/2014 21:30
Bert: •I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith
Uncle Albert: •What's the name of his other leg?
03/30/2014 20:51
Hopefully this is winter’s last hurrah.  Mother Nature has not been kind to us this year.

Hopefully this is winter’s last hurrah. Mother Nature has not been kind to us this year.

03/29/2014 20:36

Spontaneous Visit

My dad stopped by the house today on his way back from the eastside.  I wish there were more spontaneous visits like this in my life.  I often hear about friends and family just dropping by back in the day when my grandma or aunts & uncles talk about growing up.  You didn’t need a reason to go and visit with someone.  If you were in the area, you just showed up and saw if the person was home.  My door is always open at my house, and I have had a few people just show up.  Unfortunately it doesn’t happen more.  I am guilty of not doing the same though when I am out and about. 

When did we become so self-conscious about needing to give people a heads up that we were stopping over?  We worry that they may not want visitors or that we will be disturbing them.  If you stop by my place and it is a little messy, oh well.  This is my house and it is actually lived in.  Not everything is going to be put away all of the time, and there may be dishes to be washed or clothes to be folded.  I’d rather have people over just to talk than never have any visitors.  Know that you are encouraged to just drop in if you are ever nearby.

03/29/2014 13:35
03/24/2014 22:45
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